Media kit

For journalists and bloggers who would love to share our vision for Tribevibe, we’ve prepared some lovely bits for you. Please use the materials as per the guidelines given below, and do not use the materials in an intentionally misleading way, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, affiliation or partnership with Tribevibe without written consent from us. If in doubt, write to us.

Brand name

While our logo is visualised in small letters, the proper use of our brand name in textual context is Tribevibe, with a capital T. Please don‘t refer to us as TribeVibe, nor tribevibe. Also, please don’t use abbreviations such as TV.

Logo assets

Our brand colour is green. Internally, we call it Forest green, and it has a HEX code of #005959. Please use the original Forest green logo variant, unless contrast doesn‘t allow it. Alternatively, use any of the others provided.

Mobile app screenshots

Our mobile app is always evolving, as we learn along the way. Therefore, the version portrayed in the mockups and the live version might look slightly different.


Zlatko Najdenovski is the founder and CEO of Tribevibe. His latest interest, passion, and obsession is ethical design, and he used that expertise to advocate businesses come up with better design strategies, to better comply with the increased customer awareness for privacy, security, and wellbeing in digital tools.

On a more private note, he is a firm believer of a world where trust, altruism, and attitude of giving is bound to happen. As a direct manifestation of his professional and personal philosophy, he created Tribevibe.