You have friends all over the world

You just haven‘t met them yet

Make international friends, and experience the world as a global family

Tribevibe is a diverse and vibrant community of people that connect online, and meet offline. It‘s not for evening hangouts easily forgotten, but for creating deep and meaningful connections, to allow genuine expressions, and to ingrain a sense of belonging.

Made for travellers, expats, digital nomads, flâneurs, adventurers, and curious people, who want to expand their global friendships as they saunter the earth. We are still small, but we are hungry to make new friends, whether in our hometown or a faraway land.

Designed for
offline experiences

Real friends are not requests. They happen, but outside, not in front of a flickering screen. Tribevibe is designed with simplicity in mind, to create a feeling of calmness, and to be remembered not by its fancy features, but by your genuine offline experiences.

Artistic screenshot of Tribevibe‘s mobile app
Artistic screenshot of Tribevibe‘s mobile appTribevibe Benefit 2 Ornament 1

Founded on an
invite-based network

Trust is our currency. That‘s why Tribevibe empowers existing members to invite and vouch for new ones. It keeps the community self-curated, meaningful, and aligned to a shared purpose.

Strengthened by a
review system

To maximise trust in the eyes of others, you‘ll get reviews from other members you‘ve met, and they‘ll be published on your profile. Over time, it helps you build reputation, which makes it easier to meet new people.

Artistic screenshot of Tribevibe‘s mobile app
Screenshot of people arranged in a circle.

Envisioned to create
social wealth

Making friends is fun. But creating human connections that are rooted in shared purpose can turn into something significant. It can help us become better human beings and inspire society to become better too. We still don‘t know how that might happen. So, we leave for you to tell the rest of this story.

Are you a Tribeviber?

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