Gábor, a Wanderluster and Musician From Hungary

Zlatko Najdenovski
19 September, 2020

This time we have the pleasure to talk to Gábor, who is an aspiring musician and wanderlust traveller—living in Szeged, Hungary. He has been hitchhiking to Vienna and Budapest to play on the streets and make people to enjoy the music. Later, he has been travelling slow, living in France, and has recently returned to Hungary to build his life there. Tribevibe talked with Gábor and asked about his aspirations and ways of travelling.

Hello, Gábor! I presume that people all around the world are inspired hearing and seeing the way you travel. Tell us more!

When somebody says that you are traveller by heart, what would your answer be?

Gábor: I guess to be a traveller is more than a lifestyle and it’s in our genes! Long time ago we were traveling in tribes. We only settled down when we started to farm in the agriculture. So I would say our ancestors are travellers too.

You just returned from holiday. What do you do on holidays?

Are your usual vacations staycations (you travel to a place in Hungary to stay there, resting and relaxing for some time), or do you hop on another adventure by hitting the road?

Gábor: When I meet with somebody that’s my holiday. It can be anywhere in any city or in any country! Spending time with my friends is really important for me and when I am traveling… well, it’s just my normal lifestyle.

Responsible and sustainable travel

How do you travel nowadays?

Do you hitchhike, or take the train, or travel in another way? Did the way of transport change during COVID? How (if so) has pandemic changed the way you travel?

Gábor: Taking a rest is very important if you are traveling, or working, or doing something hard! Sometimes I go home, sometimes I stay in a city longer then usually. Well I’m not traveling this time during the COVID. Actually, I cannot even cross the border at the moment! But it’s a good year for me at least I am learning something new and if I can I am traveling in my country Hungary.

Do you think it's easy for people to travel sustainably and ditch the tourist track?

Gábor: In my opinion traveling is not so bad for the Earth anyway. Airplanes and ships are the problem but if you are digging deep into the topic you can see traveling is very small amount of CO2 emission. What I would like to put in highlight is the factories and the agricultural industry.

Do you think that counting countries you have visited matters?

Or is it people that you met, or songs that you learned, or other experiences you got that matter while on the way?

Gábor: I love to see other cultures, but if you are a tourist you don’t see so much of it. So, if I am visiting a country for a longer time I try to spend time with citizens. For me that matters the most.

Cultural exchange during travelling

What do you think is the most valuable exchange you have made when travelling by yourself?

Gábor: I have found love at the first sight when I was traveling in France. Unfortunately, she went back to Canada, but she will always take a place in my heart.

Do you host fellow travellers or friends from other countries?

Where was the most distant traveller coming from? What did you learn from them?

Gábor: Yes, I had a traveller from Singapore and I learnt a funny wood game. Still I didn’t find the name of it but we do play sometimes with my family because she gave it to me.

Hosting and exchanging travel experiences, culture exchange

Having been to so many countries, and lived in symbiosis with so many cultures, do you feel that it's easier for you to value Hungarian culture?

Do you associate yourself more with Hungary, your own home city, or Europe?

Gábor: As a human being I don’t think we are different. Stereotypes are sometimes funny and sometimes true and sometimes both. But if you travel enough you can see the patterns behind the couturiers. But to understand a culture totally, I guess one life is not enough for that.

What are the must-do’s and must-see’s in your current home?

For example, if someone was going to Szeged (or to your hometown), what would you be most proud of showing to them?

Gábor: I have a strong and with the time stronger and stronger desire to be in nature. So I would show them the forest and the other forest.

You once told that what universities gave you is just a small part of all learning.

What is the one thing you have learned during your travels that you feel like is a must-know for everyone on Tribevibe, Couchsurfing, and the like?

Gábor: To be a good guest is really important and I have to admit I had to learn it too. Not to stay so long, to help with the household, to be thankful with love. That’s the basic but already a big step if we all think like that.

Thanks a lot, Gábor, for taking the time to share gems from your lifestyle.

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