Dreaming for the unknown places, people, and adventures

Zlatko Najdenovski
06 May, 2021

This time we have Stefanija Dejanovich with us. She is a brave and inquisitive person, especially when it comes expanding her comfort zone in places far away from home. Here is her adventurous story.

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

Stefanija: I've always been questioning myself what would happen if someday I'm left someplace, unfamiliar, all alone. From the biggest fear in the past, that turned out to be my greatest strength today. And that turnaround happened when I started traveling alone. Nowadays, I'm a girl who dreams for the unknown places, people and new adventures. I like taking risks as well, because there has to be stories to tell to our grandchildren, right?

Why do you travel?

Stefanija: This is a hard question, honestly. I‘m not sure if I‘m addicted and some instinct subconsciously makes me book flights, or because travelling pushes my limits and gets me out of my comfort zone. Whatever it is, I really can‘t wait to be able to travel again!

Where do you usually stay during your travels?

Stefanija: When I travel alone or with friends, we usually stay in a cheap mixed room in a hostel, because the best stories shared are with strangers while wearing pajamas. 😃 And when I‘m abroad working on a project, I always stay in a room with the other project participants.

Is there something unique that happened to you during your travels?

Stefanija: The most special and unique experience I‘ve had is the one when I arrived in Jinan, city in Eastern region of China, Shandong Province. I was there for a project, to work with little kids in a summer camp.

On the first day when I arrived there, the kids were looking at me and my friend from Georgia pointing fingers and coming to talk to us. One of my Chinese friends asked them what was the deal and she immediately started laughing. She turned to us and answered that it was captivating for the kids that we are white, with green eyes, blond hair and tall. Rarely that part of the city was visited by a European, so here were we surrounded by little Chinese cuties wanting to take pictures with us, hug and talk to us, even though they didn't speak English, neither did we understand a word in Chinese. I couldn't even ask for a better day of breaking the ice and meeting the people i'd spend a whole month with.

How has the Corona situation impacted your life somehow?

Stefanija: Although this year was hard for everyone, I saw the virus and the lockdown as a period when I should focus on myself and self-development the most. I changed my profession, fell in love with the mountains and running, got few new hobbies as well.

All in all, the Corona situation made me value and take care of myself, my mental and physical health more. But the most important lesson is to value everything you have NOW. Thank you Corona for the biggest lesson in my life, can you leave now and let us travel again?


Has traveling changed your life?

Stefanija: If I say it didn‘t I would be the worst liar ever. Travelling has helped me grow in many ways. As I mentioned before, by travelling alone I've stepped out of my comfort zone and learned what it takes to be emotionally independent. Every trip brings different experiences, which changes a person's perspective and how he sees life. Whether you want to stay where you are or grow and challenge yourself It's all up to you!

Before we let you go, do you have a message for our travellers?

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can. Explore every single part of this world. Do what you want. Go alone. Meet new people. Have fun along the way.

I know that this might sound a bit cliché, but this year we all learned and felt this. So people, book your trips even now, in countries that you are allowed to visit. Don‘t wait for the perfect day to come. Use your disinfectants, drink rakia for throat disinfection and stay safe! I'm sure I‘ll do that too. 😃

See you around the world!

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