Cathy on enriching experiences through cultural exchange

Zlatko Najdenovski
19 November, 2020

For this interview, we discovered Cathy Ruiz, a unique Chilean girl who fully resonates with our values and mission—to use travel as a self-transformative tool. In fact, she discovered us, which bring closer the fact that like attracts like.

Why am I saying this? Well, Cathy‘s mission is to help travellers who are looking exactly those meaningful and unique experiences through her dream project called Cathy Bridge Experiences.

But before we dig into it, let‘s get to know Cathy.

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

Cathy: I'm from Chile, currently living in Valparaiso. I would describe myself as an open-hearted and curious person. Always willing to go beyond my own limits.

And why do you travel?

Cathy: I travel because it makes me feel alive. To be here now, such a simple thing but so difficult to do in modern times. And that‘s what a journey gives me, it makes me feel as there‘s no future left. Because every time I travel I come back to my real me and I connect to myself in deeper levels. Because it makes me feel expanded, I feel my soul full of vital energy. Travelling helps me to connect with my inner self by knowing different people, cultures, places and local experiences than enrich my life.

Where do you usually stay during your travels?

Cathy: I usually look for a local to stay with. Also, I go to visit friends so I stay with them. And sometimes, I have used Airbnb or I have stayed in a hostel.

How has the Corona situation impacted your life somehow?

Cathy: Despite I wanted to spend my birthday in the European summer, I had used this time to reconnect with myself. So, it hasn‘t been so bad at all. Also, I had to put on hold my plans for moving overseas. Even though is difficult to plan ahead in this situation, I believe that every season serves its purpose and the Corona times has impacted me positively, in the sense that I‘m focusing on preparing in that so needed shift in my life.

Has travelling changed your life?

Cathy: After every journey, my life is never the same. It helps me to grow and to expand myself. Also, travelling has made me realize the path I want to follow in life. I have found signs inside me that have told me which step should I take next.

Now you got me curious: Can you share to our community what kind of signs?

Cathy: I have found answers in me while I was travelling. It‘s like this inner voice saying to you, "Hey, this is the path you should take—go for it!"

I believe that while I'm travelling I'm in frequency with my intuition that allows me to clear my mind.

For example, one of my biggest dreams since I was a teenager was to live in London but I hadn't pursuit that dream because I was afraid. I made up my self a lot of excuses: It is too expensive, it's impossible for me to live in London, how I could ever pay for a Master programme, how I can ever win a scholarship, etc. But, when I travelled to Boston, all that I experienced there was like a slap in my face: "Hey! You want so bad to study overseas, experience how is to live in a multicultural city like London. What are you seeing and experiencing now in Boston, could be pretty similar to what you can live if you firmly decide to go to London." After that journey, I work hard to finally achieve it!

Zlatko: I totally resonate with what you say. That‘s pretty much in the spirit of Tribevibe as a community of people who fully embrace life with all its subtle signs.

Can you share to us more about your project—Cathy Bridge Experiences?

Cathy Bridge Experiences was born aiming to connect with travellers from all over the world to help them to have unique and life-changing experiences through arts, creativity and culture.

I have always believed that arts in all its forms can change lives. Here I’m putting together my two passions in life: travel and arts+culture. I have been working in the arts sector for more than 10 years, and I have been travelling to get enrichment experiences through cultural exchange.

I want to be a bridge between you and all that you can discover while travelling. I would like to transmit to the people the wonders about life, to be surprised by the ordinary.

Doing simple acts as writing and sending a postcard or a letter, making your own journal and writing on it, connecting to the beauty of simple things. Be surprised by a painting, a music concert, a play or a poetry jam.

Through these actions, I wish hopefully to lead to a transformation in your life. Because I also believe that travel can change us. It has changed me.


Before you go, do you have a message for the other travellers?

Cathy: To be curious. To be open to trying new things.

Anything else that you‘d like to share to the future Tribevibers?

Cathy: I love the spirit behind this project. I wish we can connect to know more about it.

Zlatko: We already are. Together, we‘ll inspire others to join on a life-long journey brimming with meaningful and unique experiences.

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