Blessed to be Stuck in Bali

Zlatko Najdenovski
05 June, 2020

Most often then not, the world takes us out of our comfort zone, not for the sake of giving us displeasure, but to provide us with an opportunity to grow, and discover ourselves better.

So, in our very first story we introduce you to Lynn Bayocboc, a traveller originally from the Philippines, who during the COVID pandemic ended up stuck in the lush island of Bali.

Hi, Lynn. Let’s get to know you better. How would you describe yourself in one sentence? Alright, perhaps in more, if needed.

I’m originally from the Philippines. I’m adventurous, well educated and well-travelled. Perhaps, I have many travel stories to tell.

You definitely do have. Which is why I’m eager to ask you to you share one.

So, everyone has a reason why they take to the road. What’s yours?

It fascinates me to learn about other cultures and discover new places. That fulfils my soul. I feel like travelling is very important to our inner growth and continuous development of ourselves.

And when you travel, where do you usually stay?

I usually stay in a hostel, Airbnb, hotel, or people from Couchsurfing.


What experience are you after when you decide on staying somewhere?

The experience I’m aftering when I stay somewhere is to get to know the culture, meet new friends. When I feel safe and in peace, and the place is amazing, the people are happy and friendly.

How has the Corona situation impacted your life?

The situation made me stress a bit. However, I’m stuck in Bali, which is not a bad place to be. It changed my travel plans indeed. Due to flight restrictions, most of the countries imposed self-quarantine or lockdown.


Has travelling changed your life?

Yes, indeed! It changed my perspective in life and I became stronger and more independent woman. I got to know better myself and to love life. It amazes me all the time.

What’s the best advice that you would give to other fellow travellers?

Just choose to be happy and wear a smile wherever you go. Never be scared to be alone as you will meet a lot of good people along your journey. Try to be resourceful if you don’t have enough budget. Most of my travels, I stayed in people’s house for free, in exchange for cooking a meal or helping them whatever they need.

Travelling cost us money. In order for me to do it, I refrain from shopping that is not necessary. I don’t spend my money on luxury things such as handbags, shoes, clothes, etc. I prefer to spend my money on experiences than material things.

“It fascinates me to learn another culture and discover new places.That fulfils my soul. I feel like travelling is very important to our inner growth and continuous development of ourselves.”

Before we go, here is a bonus question for you.

If you could swim with dolphins or go shark diving, which would you pick?

I already swam with sharks, and I hope one day would swim with dolphins as well.

Thanks for sharing your travelling story, Lynn. And most importantly, thanks for being the first one who showed up to be interviewed by Tribevibe. We're happy to have you on board.

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