Safety guidelines

Tribevibe strives to be an authentic platform for meeting and hosting people from around the globe. As such, we recognise that it's paramount for us to create a safe surrounding for those genuine interactions to happen.

And while we can not control and guarantee all possible outcomes of the online and offline interactions between Tribevibe members, we can point out to certain tips and tricks that can minimise potential negative outcomes.

Therefore, we've set out the following guidelines to help you minimise and mitigate any risk that might arise during your interaction with other Tribevibe members.

Do prior research

Make sure your conclusion to accept a host or meet someone is based on a thorough analysis of their profile on Tribevibe, and if needed, outside online references. If you feel something is incomplete that skews your preconception, please communicate that before your meetup.

Get to know the rules of the house

Аre there hours when it's best to be quiet? How will you get in and out if you and your host have different schedules? How many people live in your home? What amenities can you use as a guest? Are there any pets in the house that you might be allergic to?

Communicate your sleeping conditions

Will you have a separate room or a shared one? How much privacy will you have while being hosted? Will your host need to enter the room at certain times to get access to clothes, or do certain things?

Maintain your faculties

Don't arrive at your host's door under the influence of chemical substances such as drugs or alcohol. It is not only inappropriate but dangerous to yourself as well, as someone might use your lack of control.

Always have a backup plan

Sometimes the host can make a last-minute change of plans due to unforeseen consequences. Sometimes the conditions under which you're hosted might not be the ones described. Or sometimes the host might act in ways where your security is at stake. Always be aware of the nearest hostel or hotel that you can switch to, should any unpleasantries arise.

Avoid troubles

Sometimes a hospitality experience can become uncomfortable or even dangerous. In such situation, especially if circumstances are beyond your control, leave the premises immediately. Contact the local authorities, or even neighbours, if you believe they might be able to put things into control. You are by no means obliged to stick to previous plans if the hospitality experience is becoming oppressive.

Trust your instincts

You know that gut feeling that something just isn’t right? Trust it. Always. It’s not rude to leave a date if you feel uncomfortable! Remove yourself from the situation that's triggering the gut feeling, it's key to privilege your safety and well-being.

We update our Safety guidelines from time to time to evolve with community behaviour, mitigate emerging risks, and keep Tribevibe a safe place for all its members.

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