Travelling Stories

Zlatko Najdenovski
21 June, 2020

Hey folks!

It’s been a hectic week for me with Tribevibe. But I came up with yet another idea to solve a peculiar challenge. The challenge? How can first-time Tribevibers earn a reputation before they even aquire reviews from hosts or people they’ve met? And yeah, by the way, Tribeviber is officially a word, from today. 🙂

Back to the topic. This is a “chicken or the egg” problem. In the context of you being a Tribeviber, it translated to: “How can other members gain trust in me to host me or meet with me, without me having any reviews? And I can’t have any reviews before I actually host or meet someone.”

Worry not, for I solved it.

Introducing stories

I want to allow travellers like you to express and share their life story from the road; a travelling story that has expanded your worldview and transformed you so that you can elevate and transform other travellers or travel aspirants.

Why this? Because if you share your story, it’ll be published on your Tribevibe profile on the mobile app to kickstart your reputation even before having reviews.

We'll also promote it on our Instagram and Facebook pages, which in turn should give you a little push in terms of social media presence.

Such an approach will also set a higher standard for Tribevibe as being a community who has an authentic travelling spirit and will consist of members who are generous to host or meet others and create global friendships.

It goes without saying that this is entirely optional. But should you feel the need to express your unique and epic story and inspire others, click here.

Until next time!

Originally sent via an email newsletter.