So Much to Tell

Zlatko Najdenovski
07 June, 2020

This week has been very fruitful to me with the design progress. But before diving into that, I promised to tell more about the Tribevibe's vision. So, here we go.

We, the young people, travel more often than ever before in recorded history. We advance into an age where the pursuit of self-discovery through journeys is becoming the norm. This idea permeates in almost every post-graduate, every college drop-out, every student taking a gap year, and everyone who decides to quits her, or his daily job to embrace a world of self-discovery and transformation.

But travelling and creating global friendships is often quite challenging due to insufficient funds. Modern transportation has already given us low-cost options to reach from one point to another, but accommodation services are still charging us high premiums.

With Tribevibe, I strive to enable you to not only meet but accommodate a fellow traveller, in your home, unconditionally. Because I understand that for us, the exchange of culture, skills, ideas, and experiences with people that share the same vibe is paramount. And most often than not, we prefer a simple mattress in a cosy home, over a luxury villa, but no locals to truly connect. Hmm, that luxury villa got me thinking now. 🤔 But anyway…

I envision those connections to eventually sprout into something empowering. Why? Because it becomes evident that there is a shift in awareness happening in society, which is increasingly drawn to a whole new set of values such as ecology, sustainability, connectedness, meaning, spirituality and self-development. This also complies to the search for economic alternatives that favour decentralisation and distribution of power.

Tribevibe is being built on those premises and wants to play an active role in speeding up that trend. And while I'll launch Tribevibe focused solely on providing a host/guest experience, the underlying mission on the long run will be to enable and empower the aforementioned values. And that can happen not in solitude, but in togetherness. Hence, the slogan, It's better together.


All this will also reflect in the technology and design approach that Tribevibe is being built upon.

For one, Tribevibe is privacy-oriented. It doesn't collect data that has no use, nor resources to analyse. It doesn't sell data to third-parties, so there is no incentive to gather it, unlike the behemoths who rely on such data for monetary returns. Therefore, for Tribevibe to financially sustain and continuously improve itself, is going to be based on a subscription model. But it goes without saying that you there, and my fellow subscribers, will get the biggest of benefits, such as access to premium features for free. Because you play an active role in shaping the community.

Tribevibe is being designed with an ethical approach in mind, meaning, there are no dark UX patterns to keep you in the loop and to create a dopamine rush—something that the big players rely on to keep you attached to the screen. Because the pillar for Tribevibe is to create an online tool for offline experiences.

This is exactly what the signs of time require. Because soon, such tenets will be perceived from "something that excites" to "something that's expected." And while I might be striving for something that barely anyone asks, that “something” is soon going to be required as a qualitative differentiator and a trust builder.


Well, that was a long one. 😅 Next time, I'll try to revert to the brief emails you were used to getting from me. Because your time, as well as your inbox, is precious.

Originally sent via the email newsletter.