Shaping Tribevibe

Zlatko Najdenovski
24 May, 2020

I’m so happy to be alive at a time where awareness grows. I witness how you, me, and people in general, have so much to express and to share that expression with others. Sometimes that expression might be a bit peculiar, too loud or too frail, or perhaps quirky at times. The world was not ready to accept that, and that might’ve pushed you into thinking that you were alone. But I hope you know by now that you are not alone. You’ve never been.

That’s why Tribevibe shouts the slogan: “It’s better together.” Because it believes no matter how much one might feel alone in this world, there is always at least another one thinking the same. Being together with people akin in spirit creates a resonance and a springboard to express what lies buried in all of us. Togetherness inspires us to do good, to reinvent ourselves and to find ourselves. And to be a guest in a faraway land with people where acceptance is the daily mantra.

P.S. Do you think someone is still stuck in a mindset thinking he is alone in this world? Share this message! Help them become part of this tribe.


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