Introducing the Invite System

Zlatko Najdenovski
14 June, 2020

hanks to all Tribevibe pioneers, who've contributed with feedback by sharing your opinion on the design prototype that I gave you access last Sunday. Your feedback was well received. 🙌

Based on everything I heard, it is clear that before building an online platform, I must make sure and first build a community spirit. It's not easy, to be frank. It depends on you, as well as on me.

So, this week I had a storm in my brain (I mean, brainstorming) and came up with an underlying feature of the app—the Invite System.

Introducing the Invite System

With this Invite System, I want to remove the possibility for anyone to register on the app. Why? Because that way, everyone who comes in, might not be aware of what Tribevibe stands for. And while I might be happy seeing people flocking in, it might act as a double-edged sword and many freeloaders might show up.

In order to fix that, I decided to empower you, the existing Tribevibe members, to have control who gets inside. You'll have the ability to invite a trusted circle of friends whom you believe share the same travelling spirit.

And guess what? We don't need to wait until the platform gets launched. We can start introducing your trusted circle of travellers even now. Because all of you who enter before the app is launched will get more benefits.

So, I invite you to share to the people you believe are a great fit and ere eager to be part of such a community. After you do that, please write to me, so that I note down your name, and know who invited who.

Thank you for taking these steps early on.
Originally sent via the email newsletter