All Aboard

Zlatko Najdenovski
21 May, 2020

These are exciting times. And existing times need courage. Perhaps, a bit of naiveness too. Naiveness that creates a belief, unhampered by the discursive mind that questions what's possible.

It's precisely that childish naiveness, followed by my unrivalled stubbornness, that decided to build something for you. For the curious travellers and wanderers of this earth. For those who never settle in mind and spirit, and seek the experience that will raise them, teach them, and ultimately align them.

This is not a quest to replicate CouchSurfing, for that would be wrong. We never clone our pets once they die. Well, we shouldn't. But what we should do is to create an online community that sings the same magnificent tune. That one that cherishes diversity and embraces the unknown. Or that one, when our heart skips a beat hearing the shy and feeble knock on the door at 4 AM as we expect the arrival of our guest, soon to become brother from another mother or sister from another… ermm, rhyme here, please!

Whatever the case, I invite you to shape this online community with me. Who knows, we might as well sail into uncharted waters.


Originally sent via an email newsletter.