A Vision for a Fresh Start

Zlatko Najdenovski
16 August, 2020

As I build Tribevibe, many people pose me the following question: "Is Tribevibe a replacement of Couchsurfing?"

I completely understand this assumption because, in effect, it's true. The direction in which the platform is being built as of now can effectively replace CouchSurfing, and its similar communities. But that's not the essence of Tribevibe, nor its primary goal. Should that happen, it's only because, in the beginning, it's going to offer a hosting/meeting experience as the backbone of the application. Why? Because that's what the travelling community desperately needs, and most importantly, deserves it.

But what is Tribevibe?

I'm glad you asked. At its core, Tribevibe wants to build a community of people who aspire to create a positive impact inside and outside themselves with the help of others alike. It's driven by the belief that there is a natural tendency in people to group themselves (tribe) based on similar lifestyle and aspirations (vibe.) Get it? Simple, right?

To strengthen this belief, it's followed by the slogan, "It's better together." This premise is the cogwheel of Tribevibe. Because in togetherness, we can see a mirror of ourselves in others, which can help us uncover some hidden talent, remove an old psychological pattern, help us express authentically, or simply create a deep sense of belonging. The world needs that!

And what's a better start to make that happen than to provide a tool where travellers and locals can meet and host each other?

There are other adornments that Tribevibe wants to carry along the way. For one, it intends to empower a conscious use of Earth's resources, by promoting brands or influencers that can help with ideas for carbon offsetting, mindful travel, and ways to minimize the footprints we are leaving on Earth. The .earth domain was not chosen by mistake.

Another mission planted in its very name is in the raising of vibration. Tribevibe will inspire and encourage the community for constant betterment of themselves and the surrounding. I believe that a Tribe with a high vibration can do wonders. Yet a Tribe is not an exclusive group of likeminded people, but a metaphor for the whole world. Therefore, we stand for unity in diversity; and diversity in unity. The world is a fractal, no? That's how a butterfly creates a tornado. And That's why Tribevibe wants you to be that butterfly.

But let's get down to Earth now and talk about today, not tomorrow.

Why a fresh start?

Although there are a couple of other platforms, already offering the same hosting and meeting service, I still feel something is missing. And it's that fine line between vision and practicality; between heart and reason.

So far, this niche community has been served tools that are built upon a vision of a money-less world. I genuinely admire this good-faith approach, but we don't live in such a world, yet. With Tribevibe, I want to accept this fact and be practical by building an infrastructure that is based on a subscription model because I don't want to disappoint you and the rest of the community, once reality knocks on my door and spendings start to pile up. I'm creating something sustainable and something having a permanent vision. This model will allow me to think not in terms of how to survive in drought seasons, but what higher value I can offer to the community? And I have a lot to offer.

In life, I've learned that to accept reality and to start building a foundation on that acceptance is much more potent than to refrain the current reality and create solely on wishful thinking. And I've taken the same approach with Tribevibe.

To conclude, Tribevibe is nothing unique in its manifestation. There are still other platforms offering the same core service. But Tribevibe offers a fresh start. It doesn't inhere a philosophy of a money-less world, nor carries past karma of broken promises. I truly believe the community deserves a clean slate.

Let's carve that slate together.