1000 True Fans

Zlatko Najdenovski
28 June, 2020

So, here is the deal. I decided to set a precise goal before launch. I want to find 1,000 true fans and give them the possibility to invite much more people to Tribevibe than the regular members who will join us afterwards. Because you remember? Tribevibe is based on an invite system.

I consider you, dear reader, and the rest of my subscribers as the pioneers who will get the privilege to invite much more people than the members afterwords.

But I don't know how many invites should I give you? So, I created this survey where you can tell me. There is no wrong answer. I simply want to find out the following:

How many of your friends you think will resonate with Tribevibe and will find a genuine value to be invited by you?

Because, even though, to maximize success, it is crucial for the community to kick-start with as many members as possible, I still want to make sure those people share the same values as described in the community guidelines. So…

Vote for invites

Originally sent via the email newsletter