For journalists around the world who would love to spread our mission and our beliefs, we’ve prepared some lovely bits for you below.

In brief

Tribevibe is a community for the untourists, for those who aspire to nurture global friendships by hosting and meeting fellow travellers.

Long story

We advance into an age where the pursuit of self-discovery through travelling is becoming the norm. This idea permeates in many post-graduates, college drop-outs, gap-year students, and many who decide to quit their daily job to embark on a journey of cultural exchange, new friendships, expanding worldview, and transformation.

Tribevibe wants to support that quest and be the connector by providing an online platform that can empower such people to meet, explore places together, or host each other in their homes. Better than paying high premiums for a luxury villa, but no locals to truly connect.

The idea began in mid-May 2020, in times uncertain, amidst the global pandemic, where the travelling and hospitality market was feeling the rug being pulled under them. Companies in this industry were taking many pivots and drastic measures. Unfortunately, some decided to maximise profit over community spirit, which created the perfect storm for Tribevibe’s mission to be expressed.

Tribevibe’s platform is constructed in such a way where the members have control and responsibility who joins the community by relying on an invite system. They are, to some extent, able to influence the growth of the community. This mechanism is purposefully concocted to remove the temptation for exponential growth, which can easily outpace the strength of the community spirit.

Therefore, Tribevibe has no outside investors and is self-funded solely by its founder, Zlatko Najdenovski.

The founder

Zlatko Najdenovski is the founder of Tribevibe. Zlatko is commonly known as a freelance UX designer in his circles, crafting digital products for companies in various industries. His latest passion is ethical design, where he puts ethical principles at the forefront in everything he designs: from fighting against dark UX patterns to advocating clients to go privacy-first and build tech-minimal products, as a qualitative differentiator. The very same ideas are applied to this latest project of his called Tribevibe, as a direct manifestation of his entire product philosophy.

Zlatko’s favourite playground is his Dribbble profile—a social media for designers.

Press kit

Please use the materials as per the guidelines given below, and do not use the materials in an intentionally misleading way, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, affiliation or partnership with Tribevibe without written consent from us. If in doubt, write to us.

Brand name

We are pretty vocal about the proper usage of our brand name. While our logo is visualised in all small letters, our brand name is always written with a capital T. So, “Tribevibe”, not “TribeVibe.” nor “tribevibe.” Also, please don’t use abbreviations such as “TV.” Fine? Fine.


We’ve made Tribevibe’s logo in three different colour variations, although we tend to use the one with the light green background. Please use that one, unless another fits better within the context you are using it.

Logo img 1 2x Logo img 2 2x Logo img 3 2x

Product screens

A couple of screenshots from the design of the upcoming mobile app. The keyword here is “upcoming,” so please note that the final version of the app might look slightly different.

Product screen 1 2x Product screen 2 2x Product screen 3 2x Product screen 4 2x Product screen 5 2x