Community guidelines

We've crafted these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the Tribevibe community can create pleasant memories, share ideas and skills, get inspired, express authentically, or simply put, have a good time.

But a community spirit is kept sound when its very members nurture it—you. Therefore, please take note of the following dos and don'ts.

Things to do

Be good, do good

Let that be your default stance. When we believe that the world is inherently good, we inspire others to feel the same. And that's how we make the world a better place, one step at a time.

Respect other members

As travellers, we must learn to respect the different from us, whether that is in opinions, values, or beliefs. This helps us foster meaningful and genuine interactions that transcend race, language, caste and creed.

Respect your surrounding

Whether it's the place you are visiting or the home that you've been hosted, always strive to leave it better than you found it. Your host, and the Earth, will thank you for that.

Never forget the Golden Rule

It's an ethical maxim that transcends science, culture, religion and time, and is phrased as, "Treat others as you would like others to treat you." Powerful, right?

Be a good guest

Please understand that being hosted creates expenses on your host's side. And while hosting is done unconditionally, it's always a pleasant surprise when you can return the favour and bring presents, fill up your host's fridge, invite you host to dinner, or even leave any surplus coins from your host's local currency that you might not need anymore.

Things not to do

Don't be creepy

Know your limits. When you feel you've pushed too far, whether that is through words or actions, just stop. Count to ten and reexamine the consequences to the other affected and to yourself. Say sorry, and move on. Others will appreciate it.

Don't put others at risk

Getting outside the comfort zone is tempting. And that's all fine, as long as the risk is calculated and the consequences foreseeable. But don't entice others into dangerous acts, where they might not have the skills, nor the psychological or physical readiness for such extreme actions.

Don't harass others

We all know nothing good comes out from spurting out unnecessary abusive remarks that provoke anger, sadness, or disgust. So, here is one for you: “The best way to fight hate speech is to stop talking about that.”

Don't damage your host's home

Your host will appreciate if you don't leave a mess after you leave. If you've broken something unintentionally, inform your host and have them understand that these things happen. Reimburse them in any way that feels fair for both of you.

Don't spam, or promote illegal or illicit content

We do not tolerate that, period.

These guidelines apply to your online, as well as offline interaction between you and other members of the Tribevibe community. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions. If you don't feel that you can abide by our Community Guidelines as outlined above, maybe Tribevibe isn't for you.

We update our Community Guidelines from time to time to evolve with community behaviour, mitigate emerging risks, and keep Tribevibe a pleasant place for all its members.

So, are you a Tribeviber?

If your answer is a resounding YES, why wait? Join us.